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Great news about the web site...
one in a million dog!!!!

Jeane, Wisconsin

I just finished my 'tour' of your site. It's very clever! I can't wait to see Diva Doggie "stuff" in the pet stores in my area.

Mary, Chicago, IL

Incredible photography!!!

Denis and Janine, Soldiers Grove, WI

HI.... I love what you are selling so far and can't wait to see what's coming next!!!

Marcia Harbidge, Miami, FL

Hi - I just ran into your site and flipped out - so so cute.


These are the cutest cards ever!!!! Thank you so much! I will buy again:)

Elizabeth , Little Rock, AR

Beautiful Quality Stuffed Maltese, Highly Recommend A+++

Vera, Knox, IN

Can't wait to get my cards. The last one's I ordered from you I absolutely love! I am purchasing these for a friend of mine, who works with me in a Maltese Rescue Group. She has a Maltese named Diva and she will LOVE these! All of your cards are the cutest Maltese cards I have ever seen!

Thanks so much and have a great day!
Debra Eagle, Walled Lake, MI

Hi, my Mom loved the Stuffed Maltese! She had a Maltese named Punky that passed away a few years ago. I just went back to your page to show my Mom your pictures and realized there is a real Maltese in the middle! Sooooo cute!
Thanks for the great stuffy and the nice presentation :)

Lorrie, Weston, FL

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