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Introduce the Bowie Wowie™ product by
having a "Diva Doggie™ Party".

Simply set up a small toaster oven at your store and follow the easy-to-bake instructions on the back of any Bowie Wowie™ package.

You will be sure to delight your customers with the comforting aroma of fresh-baked cookies, while treating their pup with a gourmet treat.

A 24" wide x 23.5" tall x 37" deep refrigerated merchandiser
is available for a counter-top display and features a
glass door with an illuminated graphic.

We have signage available for smaller stores who do not wish to invest in the refrigerated merchandiser. Simply keep the product in an employee refrigerator or freezer until the time of purchase.

Stores carrying the Bowie Wowie™ product will be advertised
as a local distributor on our website. Ask for more details.

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